There’s still 4 months left of 2019 but already, 60% of UK companies have been cyberattacked. And, in Q2, studies have revealed that a British business experienced a cybersecurity breach every 50 seconds. Cybercriminals clearly don’t hang around when it comes to hacking your systems and stealing your data.

So, why would you sit on cybersecurity?

With attacks increasing in frequency, severity and sophistication, we want to help you take back control against malware, hacks, viruses and trojans. We’ve created our online Cybersecurity Checklist to provide your business with the understanding and visibility needed to make smart security decisions and mitigate risk. It takes just 5 minutes to complete, and you can download for free right now.

The Checklist covers:

  • Policies
  • Colleague education
  • Accounts and passwords
  • Software and hardware
  • Business continuity


Simply check off the statements that apply to you and we’ll generate you a personalised risk score and bespoke advice for how to tackle your new-found vulnerabilities.

The findings so far

Businesses in a wide range of industries including IT, finance, retail, manufacturing and HR have already told us how useful the Cybersecurity Checklist is. So far, the most common issues that have been exposed are:

  • Antivirus not active across all business devices
  • No regular or automated backup in place
  • Untested IT disaster recovery plans
  • Admin logins being used for unique accounts
  • No regular password reset cycles
  • Lack of WiFi safety precautions for remote devices


Cybercrime is one of today’s biggest threats to business, with debilitating and costly attacks posing significant risk to operations, finances, stability and brand. Why not download the Checklist today as your first step to fortifying your cybersecurity resilience?

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by Craig Bradshaw

Head of Account Management

A technology enthusiast working in the Technology industry for almost 20 years, looking to deliver exceptional customer experience.