The final frontier of remote work

We’re mid-pandemic, and on the cusp of a permanent hybrid working explosion. Which means that businesses are making more calls than ever before. Whether we’re talking on laptops, mobiles, or desk phones. Virtual communication is the real deal and no longer a stand in for face to face meets.

First, necessity made way for evaluation. And then huge numbers of us challenged our communications status quo. If call technology was side-lined, it was brought centre stage. If computer telephony integration was on hold, connectedness became a priority. If upgrading equipment was a long-shot, it is now a ring-fenced project. And as a result, millions of organisations are collaborating remotely better than ever.


Telephony transformation – superficial upgrades or powerful change?

Although business telephony has improved, in 2021 it is not without its rough edges. The context of telephony transformation – time pressured, high stakes and without a long-term plan – may have led to less-than-perfect implementations. Telephony systems and integrations may not be working their hardest, leaking budget, sapping productivity, and potentially exposing you to compliance risk. The chances are your business is suffering from at least one of those ailments. And if you’re a c-suite executive, technology or HR manager, the onus falls with you to do something about it.


Is there a better way to do business telephony? 

So, ask yourself. Does your business make regular calls? Is it subject to strict compliance standards? Or do you want to see your telephony investment and capabilities go further? Consider consolidating telephony to get more benefits and help increase business performance. Consolidation offers a better way for businesses to communicate – streamlining management and maintenance, controlling data, and enabling users to get more done.

Microsoft Teams offers an enhanced suite of telephony products in addition to the audio and video call options on the Microsoft 365 Teams application. It allows for a quick, easy and secure way of consolidating telephony. Products include:

Direct Routing: Replaces complex and resource heavy computer telephony integration, or a myriad of apps and devices to transform Teams into a full-fledged business telephony system. It’s easy to use and provides Teams users with phone numbers, enabling external calls to be made and received effortlessly from one place. Users can effortlessly switch between devices with no lag or data loss, while customers benefit from a seamless, always-on service.

Call Recording: A robust, complete, and compliant call recording product for external and internal calls passing through Microsoft Teams (possible with Direct Routing!). Teams Call Recording integrates with a wide range of communications platforms and legacy systems, and easily scales as you, and compliance regulations, change. Excellent data insight management tools are built in, and GDPR, MiFID II and PCI DSS regulations are handled, too.


The Teams and Telephony Business Bundle

With Starcom, you can add Direct Routing or Call Recording to your Teams License, or bundle the 3 services for maximum cost, performance, and compliance benefits. This bundle, complete with Teams and Call Recording, is exclusive to Starcom and fully managed. Accessible, quick to deploy and secure, you can also expect the following benefits from consolidating telephony when you bundle:

Visibility is supercharged. With no blind spots or complicated integrations, you get fast, focused analytics to make you more agile and strategic.

Budget is maximised. Your Teams environment does it all. So, you can phase out telephony and comms IT that costs money but doesn’t add value.

Outcomes are transformed. A single, effective and friendly Teams platform empowers a better, more productive and resilient way of working.

Efficiency is amplified. With smoother processes and an MSP managing your platform, your business wins back time on tasks and maintenance


Ready to try telephony a different way?

With Starcom, you can get 30 days of Teams Direct Routing for free,* with a complete-access, fully-supported trial. The trial is an exclusive opportunity to experience how Direct Routing can work for you, and learn how to get the most from the solution if you switch. To find out how to start your trial, email or call 0844 579 0800 quoting Teams Direct Routing trial.

by Craig Bradshaw

Head of Account Management

A technology enthusiast working in the Technology industry for almost 20 years, looking to deliver exceptional customer experience.