When a business signs up to a private cloud provider, they too often just look at the top-line service commitments. To give due credit to the customer, this is typically the only information companies share about their platform and service – but we feel that there are more questions that should be asked.

Your private cloud essentially powers your business, stores your data and ensures that you can quickly recover in the event of a disaster. With functions this critical, we believe that you should look under the hood, too. We’re talking about the resilience, performance and security of the data centres that power private clouds. If you’re not convinced (or just curious), here are three reasons why you should be more discerning about data centres.

  1. Our businesses are always on

In the last few years, “always on” culture has rapidly intensified. The advancement of digital technologies such as smart devices, mobile internet and user-friendly apps has led to 24/7 demand for products and services. Consumers also have higher expectations of how and when companies communicate with them, with minimal tolerance for less than stellar service.

As such, standard service levels and the obligations of employees have risen. And, with data centres handling a significant proportion of the data and workloads essential to core IT business functions, resilience has never been more important.

So, don’t be tricked into thinking your work is complete when you move to a private cloud. Make sure that your provider can guarantee data centre resilience and availability – and that they can prove this with credentials – so that your always-on customer service is as smooth and reliable as possible.

  1. A new dawn of computing demands has broken

You may have heard that the data centre is dying – this is a myth. With the advent of genuinely advanced artificial intelligence upon us and established sub-categories such as Business Intelligence and Machine Learning currently increasing in popularity, there are more compute demands than ever.

Yes, while many low-level workloads function perfectly well on public clouds, most business-critical apps – and the technologies of tomorrow and their heavy data sets – will only perform to standard with the robust, versatile and powerful data centres of private clouds. You can only get this from the very best private cloud providers, who should be able to reassure you of their performance configurations and network of facilities.

  1. Workloads are moving from endpoints to data centres

Just as smartphones and tablets send their app data to the cloud for processing, the meatier business-critical desktop or SaaS applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are gradually integrating with operations send their data to data centres. As our tech becomes more advanced, we expect to see this pattern continue.

Data is everything to business – it represents everything from revenue streams and marketing insights to operational analytics and sensitive information. Therefore, the security of the data centres powering private clouds needs to be absolutely impeccable. If the cybersecurity assurances aren’t there, step away and choose a partner that can give you peace of mind.

What do we recommend?

When building our cloud platform, we kept data centre resilience, availability, performance and security front-of-mind. As such, our cloud is hosted across three Tier 3 ISO accredited UK data centres offering industry-leading data centre resilience and performance.

As a key Zadara partner, we use Multi Zone, High Availability technology to automatically replicate across two data centres too, ensuring that your apps and data stay up and running.

This level of dual data centre replication is built in as standard for every single customer, not as an added extra, which is the typical standard. We combine this with a host of mirroring, storage, security and connectivity technology to ensure that your data and applications are highly available and protected from cyberthreats.

For more information about our cloud, please visit www.k3cloud.tech. where you can even get an instant estimated cost with our handy online calculator.

by Stuart Buckley

Sales Director

An IT specialist for over 20 years, with a wealth of technical and commercial knowledge, experience and skill in managed services, cloud and hosted solutions.