Cybercrime – including data breaches, hacking and phishing – costs the UK a staggering £11bn per year. It accounts for around 30% of all crimes recorded and affects everybody from small start-ups to billion-pound giants. Catalysts for vulnerability include the increased prevalence bring-your-own device, whaling attacks, bogus invoices, lacklustre data protection policies and a lack of cybersecurity measures – from outdated software to poor user practice.

The adoption of digital technologies is essential to ensure the future competitiveness, stability and success of every business, in every industry. However, if not managed properly, these saviours will also expose you to potentially serious risk.

Cybercrime takes the form of everything from malware and ransomware, to viruses, hacks, phishing and much more. As we place a heavier reliance on technology, including eBanking, AI and blockchain solutions, to perform essential day-to-day business functions, we must also be mindful of providing fresh inroads for cybercriminals.

With cybercrime victims paying such high prices – profit reduction, reputational damage, market position and potentially even fines, loss of employment and (in extreme cases), closure, it’s never been more important to give your business a security health check. We therefore recommend giving your IT a really comprehensive cybersecurity health check. A quality health check will:

  • Scan your IT infrastructure, analysing your network for vulnerabilities from both internal and external attacks
  • Meticulously review results, even the tiny details
  • Lay your cybersecurity health care with a clear report, including a risk score and critical areas of vulnerability
  • Recommend remedial action and changes in helpful, straightforward language


You may find that accessibility issues such as obsolete users or infrequently changed passwords are putting you at unnecessary risk of hacks. Or, updating cybersecurity essentials such as antivirus and firewalls may have been overlooked, leaving you vulnerable to a malicious malware attack. You may even find that your Wi-Fi network is unprotected and could benefit from real-time content filtering software for total peace of mind.

A cybersecurity health check can be the first step in strengthening your business from the foundations up. A strong core and fortification against digital threats mitigates risk across your entire business and allows you to confidently harness the technologies that will support growth.

If you need expert help protecting yourself against the growing threats of cybercrime, contact Starcom Technologies to arrange a no-obligation cybersecurity health check. Just contact our experts on 0844 579 0800 or click here.

by Stuart Buckley

Sales Director

An IT specialist for over 20 years, with a wealth of technical and commercial knowledge, experience and skill in managed services, cloud and hosted solutions.