Without testing, your disaster recovery plan is just a piece of paper – and how useful is that during a continuity crisis? No matter how advanced your software, meticulous your planning or well-briefed your people, it is impossible to know if untested DR is fit for purpose. Working through 3 levels of testing will ensure that business-critical IT, applications and data are available and resilient when disaster strikes.

Our infographic shares some surprising DR testing statistics an explains how to test your DR plan in an efficient and effective way, from setting up automated DR testing through to “spot check” walkthrough tests and the all-important simulation test. Download it here or for more information about DR services from Starcom, click here.

by Tom Mercer

Customer Relationship Manager - MSP

A business technologies specialist for over 8 years, with unrivalled expertise in helping customers to maximise their business systems, hosted solutions and cybersecurity through support and account management.