At Starcom, we want everyone to enjoy the peace of mind and satisfaction of being productive and secure. Here, we look at a blueprint for remote work productivity. And, when you follow these best-practices and utilise the recommended technology, you can get 25% more out of your working day.


8am: Put your best foot forward and start your workday with a walk. Fresh air and light exercise (and perhaps a caffeine kick!) are proven to help clear our heads and contribute to setting a positive tone for the day. In particular, many remote workers say that their short morning walk simulates the feeling of “arriving” at their desk, which does wonders for focus and calm.


8:40am: And while we’re creating headspace, why not let IT take care of housekeeping? Microsoft 365 applications allow you to control the notifications you receive out of work hours and set up workflows for manual tasks such as autosaving attachments to project file storage or using AI to assign tasks from basic email instructions. Energised and with admin checked off, you’re ready to take on the day with clarity and confidence.


9am: You’ve logged on, checked auto-prioritised email tasks and need to add last-minute changes to a brief ahead of a team call at 9:30am. A superfast, secure VPN connection means that you’ve accessed the server, updated the document and added it to shared storage in a matter of minutes.


9:30am: Time for the daily Teams meeting with your project crew. Equipped with recently installed home wireless access points and powerful hardware, your group video call is refreshingly free from lag, freezes and drop-outs. A clear plan for the day is shared, every detail is captured, and the session is recorded and auto uploaded to Stream. Very helpful for any colleagues pulled away by homeschooling, doorbells, or noisy neighbours.


11am: A brew, biscuit and a well-earned catch-up is a schedule staple for remote work productivity, who long know the benefits of changing the scenery for a short while. A virtual break with colleagues is a great pick me up to spur you on after the morning’s urgent tasks have been taken care of. Oh, and there’s one rule. NO work talk!


11:30am: The day throws a cybersecurity curveball your way. Email threat detection software notifies you of a suspicious email being held in sandboxing – aka communications quarantine. The email purports to be from your manager and claims to provide a link to a remote working tax relief scheme. You’re surprised they didn’t mention this on the morning call and being sandboxed adds further doubt.  After being investigated by IT, you’re informed that the email was, in fact, an incredibly well executed impersonation attack. You breathe easy and book cyber awareness refresher session.


1pm: While you’re taking lunch, Remote Monitoring and Management software identifies a storage capacity issue that is causing a system slowdown. IT receive a notification and undertake a cleanup that ensures the network and your machine continue to work at full performance – with zero disruption to your connection or working files.


3pm: Ah, the afternoon crash – the enemy of remote work productivity! Web content filtering with URL time limitations helps you to avoid an hour-long Instagram scroll marathon and blocks any internet-borne threats from infiltrating the network via your browser. Meanwhile a time tracking app integrated with Microsoft 365 visualises your productivity and provides a gentle motivation boost.


5:30pm: Another productive day ticked off thanks to smart, secure IT. All files your team have worked on are autosaved to OneDrive and synced to a shared SharePoint folder with relevant access permissions. Major headway has been made on an important project. So the following morning, workflows will trigger that provide the next project sprint team with tasks and files without you clicking a button. An automated report is also sent to you for cost and performance analysis, in time for next week’s board meeting.


If you’d like to boost remote work productivity or eliminate WFH security worries, you can speak to our dedicated collaboration division by calling 0844 579 0800. For helpful remote working resources, click here.


by Tom Mercer

Customer Relationship Manager - MSP

A business technologies specialist for over 8 years, with unrivalled expertise in helping customers to maximise their business systems, hosted solutions and cybersecurity through support and account management.