If your business uses an ERP, it’s surely been impossible to evade conversations about cloud migration and deployment. But, “cloud” is more than just a buzzword and is definitely not to be mistaken for a passing technology trend or big-business strategy. Those embracing cloud ERP deployment are doing so in the best interests of their business’ continued performance, stability and competitiveness.

If you’re thinking about migrating from on-premise ERP deployment to a cloud hosted solution, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for our top three tips for moving to the cloud, and our private cloud recommendation if you’re in the market for a hosting platform.

Scope out business value 

To get the most from migration, map your processes against the additional business value that a cloud hosted ERP can bring to the table. By identifying your key operational functions and actions, you’ll have clearer visibility of where cloud ERP deployment out-performs on-premise and be better positioned to maximise the opportunities of migration.

Once you’ve gained this knowledge, you can determine the what, when and where of your cloud ERP move and approach a service provider with a clear timeline and configuration brief. When undertaking a business value scoping exercise, you may also find that several other applications could be delivering greater value if they were deployed in the cloud, too!

Determine which data to transfer

Every company has different sources of data and there’s no guarantee that it’s been collected, stored and used in a standardised fashion over the years. When migrating to a cloud hosted ERP, you don’t want to bring data that’s no longer needed, and you should approach the switch as a data spring clean – thinking about current and future business requirements and any compliance regulations that may have been overlooked.

Migrating only the data that offers genuine value and opportunity will allow you to:

  • Save time (and potentially money) when migrating
  • Maximise ERP performance from the get-go
  • Support business performance by feeding your ERP with the best quality data to draw insights from
  • Remain compliant to laws such as the GDPR


Just remember to involve sales, marketing and any other teams that may depend on or work closely with data in your decision making. The last thing you’d want to do is disrupt business activity and as a bonus, collaboration may give voice to fresh perspectives.

Configure for competitive advantage

A cloud hosted ERP that’s configured from day one to enable and enhance business needs, objectives and processes will reward you with a competitive edge. Personalised configuration will help to streamline use and integration and therefore provide efficiency benefits compared to your on-premise solution. If possible, try to kick out the “way it’s always been done” attitude when you migrate – best practice on a newer cloud ERP may be different from what you’ve been accustomed to and it makes sense to embrace the latest recommendations.

Preparing with an educated configuration brief will obviously help you out, but we also encourage you to select a private cloud vendor that can architect a bespoke environment.

Recommended private clouds for hosted ERPs

Did you know that Starcom has a dedicated private cloud platform? We built it to deliver exceptional performance, resilience and flexibility but without the microtransactions or CAPEX spend – making enterprise-class a reality for every business.

Manufacturers, retailers, not-for-profits, stadiums and businesses in many more industries choose our cloud to host a range of cloud-based ERPs including SYSPRO, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics.

Our cloud combines our infrastructure, operating system and business application knowledge with cloud expertise to offer you a perfect (and affordable) alternative to on-premise deployment. When built and configured to meet your ERP requirements, expect to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Greater productivity:Enterprise-class performance runs apps faster, helping you to do more without even trying.
  • Powerful resilience:Dual data centre resilience ensures apps are there when you need them.
  • Peace of mind:Robust cybersecurity protects data and reduces the impact of cyberattacks. Our cloud also regularly backs up your data and applications to our secure data centres.
  • Cost management:Pay-as-you go and no microtransactions or CAPEX costs for predictable spend. You get enterprise-class, but without the unreasonable price tag.


If you need help migrating from on-premise ERP deployment to a cloud hosted solution, get in touch with the team today on 0844 589 0800. Whether you’d like a consultancy session or need a cloud platform architecting for your ERP, we’re able to support you.

by Charles

Channel Account Manager

Working predominantly with SYSPRO ERP to assist customers with ERP deployment or upgrades, from family-run businesses to multinationals.