Every day, I have conversations with Starcom customers about cybersecurity. Whether I’m being asked about the latest threats or delivering the results of an IT cybersecurity audit, keeping safe in the connected, digitised world of business is a top priority for my clients.

And, rightly so. Cybercrime – including data breaches, hacking and phishing – costs the UK a staggering £11bn per year. It accounts for around 30% of all crimes recorded and from my experience in the industry, I can vouch that it affects everybody no matter the size or maturity of your business.

When talking to my customers, I can guarantee there will be certain cybersecurity concerns I’ll always be quizzed on. What are the most common cyberthreat sources? How likely am I to become a victim? How often should I back up? Are there any quick fixes? And this is just the beginning.

I know that if my customers have these questions, you probably do too. So, we decided to kick off our new Ask the Expert series with a cyberthreat readiness episode, where I explain key cybercrime risks, where threats originate and how to protect your business, all in a quick, concise video.

Check out the video below and remember to share with any colleagues, business partners or friends that may find it useful, too.


If you’ve any cybersecurity concerns, you may find our Cybersecurity Checklist useful. In just five minutes, it gives you visibility of the risks and vulnerabilities in your business and even provides a personalised risk score and advice. Download it for free here – all results are confidential.

I hope you enjoy the episode!


by Tom Mercer

Customer Relationship Manager - MSP

A business technologies specialist for over 8 years, with unrivalled expertise in helping customers to maximise their business systems, hosted solutions and cybersecurity through support and account management.