Last month, we shared our IT Manager’s Maintenance Checklist to help you pinpoint and streamline the tasks of most benefit to availability and performance during unpredictable times. Now, as restrictions ease and we learn to thrive in a changed environment, we’ve turned our eye to the future with The New Normal IT Checklist.

It includes important IT and operational considerations for returning to work to help you adapt, overcome, and thrive as the way we run businesses and service customers changes. The checklist covers the following areas:

  • Undertaking a security review
  • Preparing for different operating practices
  • Undertaking a systems review
  • Making provisions for social distancing


Click here to download The New Normal IT Checklist for free, or to discuss upgrading, reconfiguring or reviewing your IT provision (including disaster recovery, cloud hosting and remote working solutions) please click here to speak to a consultant or call +44 844 579 0800.

by Stuart Buckley

Sales Director

An IT specialist for over 20 years, with a wealth of technical and commercial knowledge, experience and skill in managed services, cloud and hosted solutions.