Cybersecurity continues to be a top priority for businesses, as smarter threats are leveraging more damaging attacks on companies, large and small. The average British business invested £3,580 on updating cyber security defences last year but the question has to be asked: is that money well spent?

With four of the top five causes of data breaches being a result of human or process error, we know that no singular piece of technology can stop successful attacks from happening in the first place. Therefore, it’s time to look at what is usually the weakest link in your defence – your workforce.

Increasing cyber security awareness amongst your workforce will undoubtedly prevent more successful attacks from happening. Closing the gap relies on minimising human error and how you manage this awareness can be as easy or difficult as you choose to make it.

Understand the threats

From ransomware and phishing attacks, unattended laptops to C-suite fraud, poor cyber habits and awareness can result in difficult and costly situations. Our training explains these and many more threats in an easy to digest manner and give your employees what so many other training providers miss – compelling reasons to engage with cyber security.

Engage with training

No one likes being told: “you’re not doing that right.” That’s where so many training providers fall short and miss out on the opportunity to engage properly with their audience. Our training solutions are highly engaging, demonstrate why your workers need to care and have significantly improved attitudes towards security across the board.

It doesn’t stop there, either. The platform provided by our partners captures training data and turns it into the insight you need to manage risk, now and on an ongoing basis. Employees can be risk scored, turning what they learn today into the building blocks for improving further cyber security habits.

Still not convinced?

  • Users of this platform are 115% more knowledgeable about cyber threats than non-trained peers, highlighting how poor knowledge can be across a business
  • 33% of trained workers say they changed daily habits to become more secure in the first three months after being trained
  • Companies reported a significant improvement in attitudes towards cyber security after undergoing this training in the first six months


When looking at how you can improve your cyber security defences in 2019, don’t miss out on addressing your weakest link. To find out how you can deploy our cyber security awareness training, contact our experts on 0844 579 0800 or click here.



by Craig Bradshaw

Head of Account Management

A technology enthusiast working in the Technology industry for almost 20 years, looking to deliver exceptional customer experience.