We all like to think that we wouldn’t fall victim to cyberattack or other disaster. But did you know that nearly half of all UK companies were cyberattacked last year? That almost 88% suffered a data breach? That 50% experienced a downtime event lasting more than 1 day? These statistics are a clear mandate for robust, thorough disaster recovery, yet so many organisations still take a risk by having minimal DR, or even none at all.

Having strong DR is the difference between a short period of downtime and complete data recovery in hours, or business closure with permanent data loss. This is no exaggeration. 50% of organisations shut down 1 year after a major cyberattack.

Watch our video below to compare the stark contrasts between a business that has DR in place when a continuity crisis hits, and one that does not. We think you’ll be surprised by just how quickly operations begin to unravel, and the costs ramp up.


by Charles

Channel Account Manager

Working predominantly with SYSPRO ERP to assist customers with ERP deployment or upgrades, from family-run businesses to multinationals.