It doesn’t take long for on-premise technology, particularly ERPs and hosted applications, to become part of the business furniture. Although they’re our trusty partners for a time, it’s important to recognise when software or other IT infrastructure that you deploy locally has run its course – and what technology will be brought in as replacements.

But why exactly must we be so mindful of running ageing on-premise software, operating systems or business applications? For starters, weak or inconsistent performance can slow you down and afford competitors an opportunity to overtake. It’s also difficult to grow effectivity and efficiently when using technology at the end of its lifespan, as it’s just not designed for tomorrow’s demands, and isn’t easily scalable either.

And then there’s the inflated risk of cyberattack. Older, on-premise technology has inherent cybersecurity weaknesses, many of which are deliberately exploited by criminals who design software that specifically targets ageing, end-of-life or locally deployed business applications. When you’re dependent on local storage and access, it’s much harder to bounce back from a cyberattack, too (and your losses may be unrecoverable).

If you are reliant on locally deployed business applications and storage, we recommend that you begin transferring your business-critical applications into a trusted cloud environment and where possible, switch to the dedicated cloud versions of apps. Just make sure that you do your research, though, as many of the popular public clouds are unsuitable for business use, and often, private clouds are too pricey for the typical company.

An ideal cloud solution will have fantastic performance, resilience and usability and help to increase productivity, efficiency and competitiveness versus on-premise IT. It should also have flexible, transparent pricing and get you back up and running quickly and securely in the even of a cyberattack.

For example, our cloud solution architected and deployed by us, combines our infrastructure, operating system and business application knowledge with cloud expertise to offer you a perfect (and affordable) alternative. It delivers the following benefits compared to your ageing on-premise infrastructure.

Greater productivity: Enterprise-class performance runs apps faster, helping you to do more without even trying.

Powerful resilience: Dual data centre resilience (as standard!) ensures apps are there when you need them.

Peace of mind: Robust cybersecurity protects data and reduces the impact of cyberattacks. Our cloud also regularly backs up your data and applications to our secure data centres.

 Cost management: Pay-as-you go and no microtransactions or CAPEX costs for predictable spend. You get enterprise-class, but without the unreasonable price tag.

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by Craig Bradshaw

Head of Account Management

A technology enthusiast working in the Technology industry for almost 20 years, looking to deliver exceptional customer experience.